Getting Started

Welcome to the Birthday Bot Documentation!

Now that you have invited the bot to your discord server, you can begin!

Birthday Bot comes only comes with a few main commands, this is simply to make the job of setting up the bot to announce birthdays in your discord quick and easy.

Bot Features:

  • Birthday Bot is now a slash command bot which means that user input is done through the use of the / key and the user interface of Discord rather than using a pre-defined prefix and message.

  • The bot lets users input their time zone which is stored into the database alongside the date which will allow for their birthday to be announced at 12 am in the time zone they have provided.

  • Premium features are also available which allows for customisation which can be set to your liking such as specific birthday messages, user ages etc.

  • The bot hardly goes offline, if it does, it is most likely due to planned maintenance. Join our Support Server to get information about any downtime or to request help.


Birthday Bot is associated with UtiliBots, if you require any support or wish to forward feedback or suggestions then you can do so by visiting the UtiliBots discord server here.

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